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With respect to the second reason advanced by Katz for closure, the trial court said.The First Amendment, it was held, did not confer upon the media a right of access to civil trials greater than the right of access enjoyed by the general public.Beck, motions court judge, directed that an immediate hearing be held before the trial court on the closure issue.He bought the Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association from Fitz Eugene.The who, what, when, where, why, and how about TheraBreath and its founder Dr.

Katz’s gifts range from. in 1959 Peter Lunder came to Maine and joined his cousins and his uncle Harold. and at the time of Alfond’s death in...If you are looking for the best tutor with more experience you need to pay more but it will be worth for your child.During an in-chambers conference the trial court ruled that the hearings would be closed.The fine art work of photographer Howard Schatz is seen in museums and photography galleries internationally.

At that hearing Katz advanced three reasons for closing the equitable distribution hearings.

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In the meantime, Katz had filed a petition to bifurcate the request for divorce from the economic claims.Our top match for Esther Katz is an individual named Esther Katz, 100 years old, related to Elaine L Katz, Eliane F Katz, Harold A Katz, and Julia L Katz.In Wolk, our Court required that the trial judge examine both advantages and disadvantages of bifurcation before determining in each case whether bifurcation was appropriate.


The principal issue in this appeal is whether divorce hearings pertaining to equitable distribution of marital property may be closed to the public.

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H. Katz Capital Group and its directors have participated in many equity transactions,. triple-net basis for.Click on the case name to see the full text of the citing case.

In the present case, the trial judge had presided over the litigation following its inception in 1981 and was familiar with the background and circumstances of the parties.

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Dr. Harold Katz is the founder of The California Breath Clinics and the developer of the TheraBreath line of premium oral care products.Stocker, 313 Pa.Super. 332, 337, 459 A.2d 1255, 1258 (1983).Harold Katz is an American entrepreneur from the Greater Philadelphia area.Hearings on the equitable distribution claim were scheduled to begin on February 4, 1985.He bought the Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association.

Seeking Nominations for the 100 most Destructive Jews in America.Frattarola, 336 Pa.Super. 411, 426, 485 A.2d 1147, 1155 (1984) (Wieand, J., concurring).

The more publicity Defendant receives in the setting of this action, the more likely it becomes that he and his family will be subjected to some form of harassment.South Florida Wealth Managers. We serve the needs of ultra-high net worth families in South Florida through.Pastuszek, 346 Pa.Super. 416, 423, 499 A.2d 1069, 1072-1073 (1985).Therefore, we find it necessary to remand so that the trial court may exercise its discretion by entering an appropriate order, together with reasons therefor, consistently with the foregoing opinion.Trials of divorce issues frequently involve painful recollections of a failed marriage, details of marital indiscretions, emotional accusations, and testimony which, if published, could serve only to embarrass and humiliate the litigants.

In re National Broadcasting Co., 653 F.2d 609, 613 (D.C.Cir. 1981). Every court has supervisory powers over civil proceedings in progress before it and may deny access where such access may become a vehicle for harmful or improper purposes.Listed below are those cases in which this Featured Case is cited.


We deal with a right of privacy older than the Bill of Rights — older than our political parties, older than our school system.Similarly, the public can have little, if any, legitimate interest in the identification, evaluation and distribution of private property which the marriage partners have accumulated while they lived together and cohabited.

The court emphasized the fact that the two had lived separate and apart for more than three years and that the marriage was irretrievably broken.The bifurcation hearing, moreover, produced a wealth of evidence.All such appeals have been consolidated for purposes of review.

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The courts of Pennsylvania have adopted and followed the rule announced in Cohen v.

So that its order may be reviewed on appeal, however, the trial court must state its reasons for the action which it takes.Therefore, the trial court did not abuse its discretion by concluding that the parties should be divorced.

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